Carla Wilmaris, born and raised in Puerto Rico, moved to Orlando, Florida at 8 years old and the City Beautiful immediately became home. Growing up she was always a leader and somewhat of a class clown, always finding a way to get in trouble for talking too much, while simultaneously talking her way out of trouble. From playing sports at Boone & Colonial High School, getting her first job at the Florida mall, and giving birth to two beautiful children in Orlando, she is a proud community member of this city.

She graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Business and Accounting degree and after 5 years of being an accountant she decided working 50-60 hour weeks were no longer in alignment with her purpose. 

What does one do when they realize they are not living with purpose?
A) stay in the place that keeps you stagnant and stunts your growth 
B) pivot and lean into the skills that make you unique and fulfilled.

Can you tell which option she chose? You guessed it, B!

She started sharing her story via her own self-produced podcast Sh*t I’m 30! in 2017 (out of her daughter’s playroom).4 years later she rebranded her platform as “Pivot With Purpose” amassing over 1 million downloads and building her own podcast academy and agency Idea To Launch! 

What started as just a hobby in 7 months expanded to a sold out live show, and a career as a full-time host, mentor, entrepreneur, and podcaster. Carla has been featured on platforms like the Brilliant Idiots with Charlamagne Tha God & Andrew Shultz, to See, The Thing Is with Mandii B and Bridget Kelly. She has also been selected to speak on stages like Black Equity Con & the world’s largest podcast conference, Podcast Movement. 

She has made an impact on so many people’s lives with her voice and will now continue to do so in her hometown, Orlando.